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Joining Stourbug / Re: How do I join Stourbug?
« Last post by Sally Grainger on April 01, 2018, 14:18:59 PM »
Are you a 'visitor' to Stourbug? You can get half price membership from today ? (1st April)
Follow links in the above message!
Joining Stourbug / How do I join Stourbug?
« Last post by Sally Grainger on November 17, 2015, 15:03:06 PM »
Hello and Welcome!  My name is Sally Grainger and I am Stourbug's Membership Secretary.

If you are a 'visitor' to this forum hopefully you have clicked on this topic to find out how to join us?

Simple! is a two part process...firstly you need to buy your insurance

We insist that all members have a £10m minimum of 3rd party liability insurance. This is so that all members are protected when participating in a group ride. It also means you have 3rd party cover even when cycling on your own or away from the club.

You need to decide whether you would like full membership or affiliate membership. Have a read of the link provided below. You will see the fees for full membership with Cycling Uk. If you are joining as a couple or would like to sign up as a family there are some good rates making it worth going direct. You also receive free legal advice if you buy full membership. YOU DO NOT GET THIS AS AN AFFILIATE MEMBER.

For 3rd party cover as an affiliate member you need our club membership number. Send me a message or text me and I will provide it. You then simply ring Cycling Uk and ask to join them as an affiliate member of Stourbug
Their contact numbers are 01483 238301 or 0844 7368451

Affiliate membership costs £24 per year, per adult and expires on 30th September of any year. If you join anytime after April 1st fees are halved to £12.

Once you have bought your insurance go to our payment page to buy your Stourbug membership...this is £10 per adult and £2 per junior per year (a junior can only join with a parent or guardian) However, as this too expires on 30th September each year this is also reduced to £5 per adult and £1 per junior from 1st April.

Follow the link to our payment page

Once you have joined Stourbug I will remove your 'visitor' status and you will have the full forum opened up to you. You will then be allowed to participate in club rides.

Please note, by joining Stourbug you have agreed to abide by our constitution & terms and conditions. Copies of these are attached and are visible when you log in.

Any problems do contact me and I'll try and help  :)

If Stourbug is not for you please tell us, and why. If you enjoy the club then do tell your family and friends about us  :)

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